Two years have passed since the world entered its first Covid-19 lockdown, yet demand has continued for our anti-microbial and anti-viral sanitisers.

So far, we have supplied products across the entirety of Europe since the beginning of March 2020 and as the world is opening up, it’s important we carry on sanitising regular touch points to mitigate the spread of viruses and allow us to continue on the road to normality.

As continuous development and product improvement is forever on our agenda, we’ve got some good news to share about our sanitiser – after amending the formulation to further concentrate the product, external viral efficacy tests have proven that the product can now be diluted at 1 part product to 29 parts water for anti-viral efficacy, thereby further improving its sustainability credentials.

Previously the product needed to be diluted at 1 part product to 9 parts water to produce a ready-to-use anti-viral solution, which used more product at a faster rate. But with our new dilution rate, the product will last longer, go further, and reduce the need for single-use plastic packaging and the financial & environmental costs associated with shipping high volumes of liquid.

The product was tested according to BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 and is proven to be effective against all enveloped viruses, including COVID-19 and all coronaviruses.

What are the benefits of using concentrates?Genesis Biosciences are changing their sanitiser dilution rates for a full sustainable product profile

Plastic reduction

By using a concentrated product alongside a re-usable trigger spray, we can significantly reduce the amount of packaging required for the product.

The same applies for the supply of bulk concentrates also; from just one 1,000L IBC, customers can now produce 30,000 litres of anti-viral, ready-to-use product.

Manufacturing efficiency

Concentrated products take less energy to manufacture. By adding in a higher concentration of active ingredients we can make more product in one manufacturing run whilst the amount of ‘in-use’ product for the end user remains the same.

Reduced liquid volumes for shipping

Shipping high volumes of liquid isn’t cost effective or beneficial for the environment. Reducing the amount of liquid we ship via road, air and sea significantly improves sustainability credentials and results in an overall cost saving for the end user.

Plastic reduction, manufacturing efficiency & reduced liquid volumes for shipping - Genesis Biosciences has sustainability at the forefront for their products

So why is it important?

No more single-use plastic bottles - Genesis Biosciences is helping the environment through its product rangeConsumer understanding of the significance of carbon footprint is growing. We are learning that even if a product contains ‘green’ raw materials, other details such as miles travelled and packaging are actually just as important when it comes to the full sustainability profile of a product.

Given the emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, we need to do all we can to reduce the amount of carbon we produce as a global community, whether these changes be big or small.

Improved efficiencies in packaging, manufacturing and logistics all equate to an overall lower carbon footprint for every container of our General Purpose Sanitiser, whether that be our Evogen Professional 5 litre jerry can, or our Evogen white label 1,000L IBC – by utilising concentrates, it all makes a difference to the overall sustainability credentials.

Our General Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate contains biodegradable, quat-free anti-microbial and anti-viral ingredients that deliver high performance sanitisation of all types of hard surfaces without the need for harmful bleach – meaning you can stay safe in your home or workplace without using harsh chemicals.

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