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Odour Neutraliser 750ml (6 pcs)


£44.26 (excl. VAT)

A ready-to-use, probiotic odour neutralising spray for removing odours at source. Ideal for homes, offices, shops and commercial spaces.

Ready-to-use wholesale commercial odour neutraliser spray
3 phase approach to bad odours: Light fresh fragrance, odour encapsulation & beneficial bacteria
Highly effective against pet odours, spoiled food, cigarette smoke & other common odours
Ideal for pet areas, hotel facilities, restaurant bathrooms, schools, offices and commercial/public spaces
Unlike chemical alternatives there’s no odour masking – the bacteria work to break down odour at source
Environmentally responsible – a safe and effective method to eradicate bad odours

Available in a ready-to-use formula in a handy 750ml trigger spray (multipack of 6).

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Weight 5.3 kg

Case (6 x 750ml) = £44.26