Odour Neutraliser 750ml (6 pcs)


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A ready-to-use, probiotic odour neutralising spray for removing odours at source. Ideal for homes, offices, shops and commercial spaces.

Ready-to-use wholesale commercial odour neutraliser spray
3 phase approach to bad odours: Light fresh fragrance, odour encapsulation & beneficial bacteria
Highly effective against pet odours, spoiled food, cigarette smoke & other common odours
Ideal for pet areas, hotel facilities, restaurant bathrooms, schools, offices and commercial/public spaces
Unlike chemical alternatives there’s no odour masking – the bacteria work to break down odour at source
Environmentally responsible – a safe and effective method to eradicate bad odours

Available in a ready-to-use formula in a handy 750ml trigger spray (multipack of 6).

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What is it?

Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser is our wholesale odour control spray that combines unique eco-benign® chemistry and application-specific beneficial bacteria to offer a proven, innovative and effective long-term approach to odour control. It is available as a ready to use product supplied in 5L containers.

How it works

Odours are a major problem in many situations. Air fresheners are generally perfumes that use a strong pleasant smell to mask the bad odour, but they usually work for only a short time and are easily overpowered. A range of chemical odour counteractant technologies have been developed and are now used in major retail brands. However, Genesis Biosciences has developed a superior odour control technology and combined it with beneficial bacteria, which gives a three pronged attack on odour problems:

  1. The fragrance helps to immediately reduce the malodour
  2. The eco-benign® chemical odour counteractant then binds any existing malodour molecules by encapsulating them and making them too large for the nose to detect
  3. The beneficial bacteria in the product degrade organic matter such as proteins and starch in the application area. The products of this degradation are then taken into the bacteria cells and used for growth. Thus the slow breakdown of these materials, which would otherwise result in the formation of many malodorous compounds, cannot occur and the odour is prevented at the source
Directions for use

Shake well before use. Spray liberally around affected area. Repeat as necessary.

Application areas

Use our wholesale odour neutraliser for:

  • Washrooms
  • Carpet and fabric care
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Refuse collection area
  • Animal cages and pens
Features and benefits of our wholesale odour control spray
  • Eco-friendly, wholesale odour neutralising control spray formula - buy in multipacks to save long-term costs
  • Highly effective against spoiled food, fish, cigarette smoke and other odorous compounds
  • Product has a three phase action and delivers complete odour elimination
  • Unique eco-benign® odour encapsulation technology: binds and traps odours immediately
  • Optimised proprietary application-specific bacterial consortium degrades a broad spectrum of substrates: biological action removes a combination of odours at source
  • Highly effective formulation: product effective against a wide range of odours, efficacy has been proven by extensive field trials
  • Readily biodegradable, low toxicity eco-benign® formulae: minimises environmental impact
  • Modern compatible chemistry that optimises performance of bacteria. The unique combination of eco-benign® chemistry and application-specific bacteria delivers maximum product performance
  • Bacillus 100% in spore form: creating a long product shelf life
  • Manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: providing consistent quality of product

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