All-in-one Cleaning Kit – the ideal home or office starter pack


£29.99 (excl. VAT)

Our All-in-one Cleaning Kit includes:
1 x General Purpose Biocleaner (750ml spray)
1 x Odour Neutraliser (750ml spray)
1 x Carpet & Upholstery Spot & Stain Remover (750ml spray)
1 x Descale & Clean (500ml bottle)
1 x Toilet & Urinal Cleaner (1L bottle)

Everything you need to keep your home or office fresh and clean without harsh chemicals
‘Test drive’ our most popular commercial cleaning products
Ideal for office cleaning, home cleaning, hotel cleaning, restaurant cleaning, school cleaning
Environmentally responsible, professional cleaning supplies to hit your environmental targets

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What is it?

The Evogen Professional All-in-one Cleaning Kit is the ultimate way to sample our performance-driven, eco-benign® professional cleaning supplies quickly and easily. The pack includes 5 of our most popular products, for all your commercial cleaning needs.

The All-in-one Cleaning Kit includes:

With long-lasting results, our products reduce the need for repeated cleaning - saving you money, time and labour.

How it works

The Evogen Professional range is the latest complete cleaning range designed specifically for the Professional facilities management and cleaning markets. These products provide increased efficacy of cleaning through formulations engineered for specific soiling areas and challenges found within these markets.

The result is a range of superior-quality, solution-specific products which combine unmatched performance with environmental responsibility; products which continue working long after chemical alternatives have expired.

You can find out more about how each product works by visiting their product pages:

Directions for use

You can find detailed 'directions for use' for each product on their product pages:

Application areas

Use our All-in-one Cleaning Kit as part of your professional cleaning supplies for:

  • All types of hard surfaces, particularly in bathrooms
    • Tiles
    • Sinks
    • Toilets & urinals
    • Countertops
    • Floors
  • Odour control
    • Washrooms
    • Refuse collection area
    • Animal cages and pens
  • Carpet and fabric care
    • Soft furnishings
    • Carpets
    • Rugs
    • Vehicle interiors
  • Limescale removal for kettles, irons, washing machines and dishwashers
    • Toilet bowl and bathroom cleaners
    • Industrial applications such as rust removal or equipment descaling
    • Stone and concrete cleaning in professional and industrial areas
Features and benefits of our All-in-one Cleaning Kit
  • Designed specifically to address the cleaning challenges of the Professional Cleaning and Facilities Management markets
  • Highly effective and long lasting cleaning on all types of hard and soft surfaces (excluding food preparation surfaces)
  • Provides return on investment through the requirement of less human and mechanical labour over time
  • Helps to maintain infrastructure and preserve assets by causing less wear and tear on surfaces than traditional harsh chemical cleaning products
  • Application-specific beneficial bacteria degrade a wide range of dirt, soiling and other organic matter and continue to work whilst soiling is present
  • Beneficial bacteria remove odour at source through degradation of trapped organic matter
  • Engineered with the user safety at the forefront. The advanced surfactants, preservatives and fragrances in the products were selected on the basis of the their eco- benign® profile, presenting the minimum occupational risk to cleaning staff and exposure risk to the public
  • Fully optimised eco-benign® multi-surfactant combination. Ensures effective cleaning on different surfaces
  • Readily biodegradable, low toxicity eco-benign® formulae. Minimises environmental impact
  • Long product shelf life due to stability of Bacillus spores. Creates reliable, long-lasting, high-performance

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