GD Ultra Dispensers (4 pcs)


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Our GD Ultra dispenser kit includes:
4 x wall mountable dispensers

Commercial drain unblocker for professional kitchens, restaurants, hotels
Use in conjunction with our GD Ultra refill cartridges for a wholesale oil and grease remover to keep drains flowing freely
GD Ultra boasts a concentrated liquid containing a blend of specially selected non-toxic, probiotic natural microbes which are designed to ensure that drains are maintained free running and without odours

Also available to purchase separately:
4 x 310ml GD Ultra refill cartridges

GD Ultra Starter Kit

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What is it?

Evogen Professional GD Ultra is an ultra-concentrated liquid commercial drain unblocker. It contains a blend of specially selected non-toxic, natural microbes which are designed to ensure that drains are maintained free running and without odours.

Our compact, wall mountable GD Ultra dispensing unit is the ideal way to easily dispense GD Ultra to keep drains flowing freely in commercial kitchens.

How it works
GD Ultra dispenser - how it works in a commercial kitchen
Above: a schematic diagram of the GD Ultra dispenser working in a commercial kitchen or similar setting

When dispensed regularly into the drainage system, the microbes in GD Ultra digest kitchen or food derived fats, oils and grease (FOG) and other organic matter which cause offensive odours.

The primary application is in food preparation establishments where regular quantities of solid food wastes find their way into the waste water drainage system. These deposits can block grease traps and line waste pipes, leading to unpleasant odours and unhygienic conditions which invariably need chemical or mechanical treatment.

This product is demonstrably more effective than conventional biological based drain cleaners as it is designed to form a bio-film to produce a continuous and renewable supply of highly active bacteria for fat and grease degradation. This bio-film adheres to the system and is highly resistant to cleaning fluids and disinfectants.

In very high load situations, GD Ultra will not totally eliminate grease. However, in such circumstances, provided it is installed correctly, it has been found that GD Ultra treatment significantly reduces the number of call outs or mechanical treatments required. GD Ultra will provide a longer lasting protection than enzyme based or caustic chemical products, which have insufficient contact time with waste in the system to be effective.

Directions for use

Evogen Professional GD Ultra should be dispensed using the GD Ultra dispensing unit to deliver the required amount of GD Ultra into a drain at the optimum time of day. When programmed to deliver a daily dose of 3.44 ml each Evogen Professional GD Ultra cartridge lasts 3 months.

Application areas

Use our commercial drain unblocker for oil and grease removal in:

  • Drain lines and grease traps in food preparation establishments
Features and benefits of our commercial drain unblocker
  • Optimised proprietary bacterial consortium to compost a broad range of substrates
  • Dosing equipment is unobtrusive and will not “clutter” the kitchen area
  • Rapid and highly effective elimination of bad odours
  • Reduces blockages in a cost effective way
  • Robust dispenser system
  • Proven technology behind the product
  • Environmentally-sensitive: eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals, creating an improved working environment
  • Will not adversely affect drainage pipes, walls or bondings
  • Can help to reduce effluent strength from a premises and consequently can reduce waste disposal costs
  • Delivers the same bacterial dose as conventional liquids, bacteria is effectively dispersed throughout system by normal water flow
  • Readily biodegradable, low toxicity eco-benign® components to minimise environmental impact
  • Long product shelf life
  • Manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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