Pet odour control

Eliminate pet smells and protect your home safely, easily and efficiently with our family-friendly, environmentally responsible odour control spray.

The professional choice - now available for your home, too!

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About our Odour Neutraliser spray

Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser combines our unique eco-benign® chemistry and application-specific beneficial bacteria to offer a proven, innovative and effective long-term approach to odour control.

Probiotic, environmentally-responsible Odour Control to diminish:

  • Pet odours
  • Pet urine smells
  • Stale smoke
  • Bathroom odours

Ideal for use in the home, commercial buildings, schools & vehicles. Available as a 750ml trigger spray or a 5 litre container.

Our Odour Neutraliser product

Our Evogen Professional cleaning products for odour control provide increased efficacy of odour neutralisation through formulations engineered for specific 'smelly' areas and challenges found within home or work.

  • Safe for pet bedding, blankets, cardboard boxes (or wherever else they sleep!)
  • 3 phase approach to bad odours: Light fresh fragrance, odour encapsulation & beneficial bacteria
  • Highly effective against spoiled food, pet odours, pet urine, cigarette smoke & other common odours
  • Ideal for pet areas (including bedding), bathrooms, bins, cars, schools, hotels and commercial/public spaces
  • Unlike chemical alternatives there's no odour masking - the bacteria work to break down odour at source
  • Environmentally responsible - an eco-benign® method to eradicate bad odours

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Our Odour Neutraliser spray is safe for homes, and environmentally-responsible too - so you can safely use it on pet bedding and pet areas.

Dr Emma Saunders, General Manager

Meet Max

Max is the bouncy, ever-so-friendly and furry extra member of the Evogen Professional team.

"Our cockapoo Max loves nothing more than jumping in muddy puddles, running through parks and ending up on our laps at the end of the day! Invariably, he is a professional at ruffling-up a right 'whiff' at times... that said, it's great to be able to use a product on his bedding (and ours) that we know is very safe for him and the kids in our home."

Dr Emma Saunders, General Manager

We had quite a task asking Max to sit still in his photoshoot! Lucky he's so cute anyway...

Want to see more of Max's chaos behind the scenes?

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Pet odour control

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