Our sanitiser range is suitable for use on a range of surfaces in the home or in the workplace and has been independently tested & verified to be effective against COVID-19, harmful bacteria, viruses and all coronaviruses when used in accordance with our recommended 'directions for use'.

General Purpose Concentrate Essential Sanitiser Kit

Essential Sanitiser Kit
£15.99 introductory offer

Contains everything you need to protect against harmful bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 and all coronaviruses. Perfect for safely sanitising your home, work or workspace. Each pack includes liquid concentrate, spray bottle & stylish measuring beaker.

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General Purpose Sanitiser Ready-to-use Spray 750ml - 6 Pack

6 ready-to-use ‘sanitisers in a bottle’ for sanitising & protecting homes, offices, shops & commercial venues against harmful bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 and all coronaviruses.

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General Purpose Sanitiser - anti-viral, anti-bacterial sanitiser to prevent viruses

General Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate 5L - 2 Pack
£87.20 Special Offer

Dual action cleaning and disinfection of all hard surfaces.
Independently tested & verified to be effective* against harmful bacteria, viruses including COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and all coronaviruses.

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General Purpose Sanitiser 500ml Refill - 2 Pack

Our 2 x 500ml refill pack of General Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate is the dedicated top-up product for your Essential Sanitiser Kit when it’s running low.

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Free trigger spray

Free reusable / refillable aluminium trigger spray with every 2 x 5L case of product.

Verified effectiveness

Independently tested & verified to be effective* against COVID-19, all coronaviruses, and bacteria including E. coli, P.aeruginosa, E. hirae, S. aureus.


Environmentally responsible and committed to working with nature, all our products are eco-benign®.