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We welcomed Max, our very own Evogen Professional puppy, into the studio the other day to capture some shots for our upcoming Odour Neutraliser campaign.

He’s the beloved pet of Dr Emma Saunders and family, our General Manager, and he’s so full of life – all we knew is that our photographer was going to have his work cut out!

Here’s a few shots from behind the scenes…

Max seemed pretty intent on going *through* the bottles…
He’s very good at standing – needs to work on the sitting!
It took several assistants to keep Max in check… #demandsofasupermodel
Even his favourite toy made an appearance!
Heel, Max! It’s no use…
Did someone say TREAT?!
Look at that face!
Another action shot!
Time for a quick tango…
Max skipping for joy
Not *quite* sure what’s going on here either!
He’s looking at the camera! Quick!
Five helpers, one photographer – one chaotic puppy!
We tried some unusual tactics for this furry model…
Max – the moving blur – on one of his room zoomies
And a final, lovely photo – so, so cute!

Buy eco-friendly odour control and neutraliser for petsThe shoot was for our Odour Neutraliser product, to highlight its efficient, safe-to-use features that are now available to the general public to buy from our store (in bulk) or from Amazon.

Available to buy in:

6 x 750ml trigger sprays

2 x 5l containers

1 x 750ml trigger spray (from Amazon)

1 x 5l containers (from Amazon)

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