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Bug going round the office? Use good cleaning practices to keep staff healthy & productive.

Here’s why applying good cleaning practices with probiotic cleaning products can help to keep the office healthy.

Before we explore the benefits of probiotic cleaning products, we’ve got a couple of fun facts. Did you know that in 2017 the average worker in the UK had 4.1 sick days? How about the fact that the typical desk, in a typical office has up to 10 million bacteria on it? That’s 400 times the amount found on a toilet seat!

Yoghurt on a desk for probiotic cleaning product article on sick days

Workplaces can be home to all sorts of germs and bacteria. Bugs like Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus too. The thing to remember though, is not all bacteria are bad. Far from it!

In fact, good bacteria can help keep offices clean and staff healthy too. And probiotic cleaning products can be better than traditional chemical cleaning solutions in dealing with bad bacteria. Here’s why.

The issue with chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners don’t always rid an area of all bad bacteria. In fact, inadequate or improper use of biocidal chemicals on non-critical surfaces can lead to surviving bad bacteria that can harbour increased resistance to cleaning agents, remaining on surfaces and going on to cause staff sickness.

The bad bacteria that remain on keyboards, phones and door handles after cleaning have the room to multiply and the nutrients to do so in abundance, resulting in rapid recolonisation and increased risk of staff absences due to illness.

Reduce staff sick days with probiotic cleaning products

The benefits of probiotic cleaning products

Probiotic cleaners use beneficial bacteria to colonise surfaces and compete with the bad bacteria, in effect taking over the area. This means they can help to reduce the presence of harmful bacteria on desks and other surfaces that could cause illness.

Probiotic cleaners also offer a deeper longer lasting clean, as beneficial bacteria can get into the tiny imperfections and pores on a surface where dirt hides, degrading the dirt and preventing re-soiling.

Probiotic cleaners are also much better for the environment than chemical-based cleaners that are produced using large scale industrial processes that not only produce CO2 and are non-renewable, but also can produce hazardous by-products that reside in the environment. So if your company has an environmental policy and targets to hit, then going probiotic is a no-brainer.

Reduce staff sick days with probiotic cleaning products

On top of all this is the cost benefit. Over the medium to long-term, probiotic cleaning products are better value for money. Not only are they effective and long-lasting, but you have to apply them less often – this saves on time and labour costs too.

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