In our new FAQ video series, Technical Specialist Dr. Phil Caunt answers some of our most frequently asked questions about the science of probiotics.

At Genesis Biosciences, we develop and supply innovative, application-specific probiotic products and solutions for a wide range of industries. Our microbial technology delivers superior, scientifically validated and verified results, and are safe for the user and the environment.

Our Evogen range of microbial concentrates and our white label hand sanitisers are packaged in bulk quantities, making this superior technology readily available for onward manufacturers and formulators, with the added value of technical support from our knowledgeable team of Scientists.

So how can probiotic products benefit large-scale manufacturers? If chemicals are traditionally ‘the done thing’, why switch?

To answer that very question, Dr. Phil Caunt explains how formulators see huge cost & environmental benefits by moving away from harsh chemicals and using probiotic products instead.

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