Visit us at our upcoming trade shows in May 2022

Come and visit us at the forthcoming trade shows at Interclean Amsterdam & CHEMUK Expo, taking place in May 2022. We’ve lined ourselves up for a busy month in May, exhibiting at not one but 2 trade shows to promote our eco-benign® technologies to prospects as well as finally reuniting with some of our longstanding … Read More

What is ‘greenwashing’ and how can we avoid it?

Greenwashing has become somewhat of a buzzword of late, but what is ‘greenwashing’ and how much of a problem is it in the fight against climate change and environmental damage? Greenwashing is defined as ‘disinformation disseminated by an organisation so as to present an environmentally-responsible public image’. The term has been around since the 1980s … Read More

We are now an approved supplier with the UK Gov’s Crown Commercial Service!

We’re pleased to announce Genesis Biosciences – our parent company – is now listed as an approved supplier of surface Sanitiser with the UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service. This means we are now listed in a government catalogue which has been set up specifically to support public sector buyers with goods and services owing to COVID-19. Which … Read More

How an eco-friendly commercial drain cleaner can help your restaurant succeed

This post about commercial drain cleaners was originally published on the Genesis Biosciences website. Bad smells affecting your restaurant’s hygiene and reputation? Here’s how nature can help you clean & unblock your kitchen drains… Nothing can turn customers away faster than a bad smell. If your establishment is struggling with bad drains and sewer smells … Read More

Probiotic cleaning products: How can they keep the office healthy?

This post about probiotic cleaning products was originally published on the Genesis Biosciences website. Bug going round the office? Use good cleaning practices to keep staff healthy & productive. Here’s why applying good cleaning practices with probiotic cleaning products can help to keep the office healthy. Before we explore the benefits of probiotic cleaning products, we’ve … Read More

5 eco cleaning tips for your hotel to make sure customers keep coming back

This post about probiotic eco cleaning products was originally published on the Genesis Biosciences website. Probiotic eco-benign® cleaning – your customers will love it and you will too. ‘Clean’ does not mean ‘chemicals’. Use eco cleaning products to maintain your high standards, keep those good hotel reviews rolling in and be kind to the planet … Read More

Why eco-benign® products will revolutionise the facilities management industry

(This article was originally posted here.) When it comes to cleaning products used by contractors in the facilities management industry, a low price generally comes first. Why do other considerations, like high cleaning performance or the environment, have to come second? The belief behind this question is what underpins our research and development. We use eco-benign® technology, not … Read More

Why misleading disinfectant claims can harm you

This article was originally posted here. We recently looked at the ISO process for testing disinfectants to ensure they’re effective in doing what they say they do. However, despite this 3 phase process being well established, many companies wriggle around measures when validating their formulations and make ambiguous disinfectant claims. It seems that some products make performance claims that … Read More