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Probiotic eco-benign® cleaning – your customers will love it and you will too.

‘Clean’ does not mean ‘chemicals’. Use eco cleaning products to maintain your high standards, keep those good hotel reviews rolling in and be kind to the planet too.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” said John Wesley in 1778. And in 2019 cleanliness is next to good hotel reviews.

And according to Hotel Management it takes 43 minutes on average to clean a checkout room, and 23 minutes for a stayover room.

So how can you make the most of your housekeeping time to keep your hotel spick and span? And is there a way to do it that doesn’t damage the environment?

Here are five essential – and eco-benign® – ways to do just that…

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#1 Get your bathrooms sparkling without harmful chemicals

Our number one smart strategy is to do with the room guests will inspect the closest. Keeping the porcelain perfect and the mirrors-smudge free must be a priority.

Having the right products to hand can help keep housekeeping time down yet standards high. Our Evogen Professional range is designed for the hotel and restaurant industries, and with the environment in mind. It uses good bacteria to replace bad bacteria, long after it is applied, unlike chemical cleaners.

Routine is also important with many rooms to clean and the key is little and often. Sabah Smith, executive housekeeper at The Dorchester, told Good Housekeeping, “It’s easier to keep up than catch up. To achieve the best results, I recommend speed cleaning regularly so cleaning should never take too long.”

Finally, don’t forget to fold the toilet paper. It’s the little touches that show your attention to detail.

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#2 Use air fresheners that deal with smells, rather than mask them

While odour-free does not always mean clean, a pleasant smelling premises is a big bonus for hotel reviews and word of mouth. Ideally, everyone would be able to pop a window open and let nature do the rest. Yet that’s often not ideal and sometimes we all need to give nature a little helping hand to bring the freshness back to our rooms.

Traditionally air fresheners work by masking bad odours rather than tackling the root cause. This means that one squirt will never be enough, as you’ll have to keep spraying to keep covering the smell.

Yet the Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser, with its three-prong attack on unpleasant smells, is a far more effective way of dealing with bad odours.

Firstly it contains beneficial bacteria to break down organic compounds that cause the smell. Next it binds to and encapsulates larger odour molecules so that the olfactory receptors inside the nose can’t detect them. And thirdly, while all this is working, the Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser has a pleasant fresh, clean fragrance to immediately reduce the malodour.

So with Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser, you get the instant freshness along with the long-term tackling of the cause. That’s the beauty of eco-benign® cleaning.

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#3 Regular rug and carpet cleaning is good, but long-lasting shampoo is better

For the day-to-day cleaning, vacuuming is still king – but make sure your technique is on point. Hoover in both directions to suck up dirt on both sides of carpet fibres. Start at the door, work your way to the furthest point over high traffic areas and then back to the door. And of course, keep this task as the final one when cleaning hotel rooms.

Yet every couple of months it’s time to dig out the carpet shampooer. And here’s where Evogen Professional Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo can really help.

The beneficial bacteria in the shampoo remains in the fibres of the carpet and continue to work long after it’s applied, digesting stubborn stains and preventing re-deposition of soiling. Eco-cleaning in this way helps to prevent the recurrence of malodour and grim. It means cleaner carpets for longer, saving you time, and saving you from bad hotel reviews.

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#4 Eliminate any unpleasant smells coming from the hotel kitchen

Whether it’s drains giving you trouble or ‘old food’ smell from the bins, it’s important to get on top of kitchen odours. Fats, Oils and Grease – FOG – are the usual culprits here. That’s why we focussed our efforts on creating commercial eco-benign® products that tackle FOG but also minimise the impact on the environment.

Our Evogen Professional Grease Line and GD Ultra products work by using good bacteria to break down FOG and its odour emitting by-products safely and completely,  without impacting on your kitchen equipment. The beneficial bacteria colonise the pipework,  continuing to work long after you’ve applied the products. All this means less time cleaning, so you can focus on giving your guests the best service possible.

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#5 Use the power of nature to keep your great outdoors great

If your hotel has a terrace, patio or outside space, it’s just as important to keep your grounds in shape as it is the room inside. Unsightly moss, algae and stains on concrete, paths and walls can make a poor first impression on guests and negatively impact your TripAdvisor ranking. Regular maintenance then is required, but it can be labour intensive. It can also be harsh on the environment, as most outdoor cleaning fluids use toxic chemicals.

With these two things in mind, we developed Evogen Professional Exterior Hard Surface Cleaner. and Evogen Professional Descale and Clean. Firstly, these products provide a safe and efficient way of maintaining clean outdoor surfaces with no harmful effects on the surrounding environment.

Secondly, they are long-lasting. The beneficial bacteria in Evogen Professional Exterior Hard Surface Cleaner penetrates deep into tiny imperfections and pores where persistent dirt hides. And it continues to degrade organic matter and new deposits by biological action post-cleaning. This keeps surfaces cleaner for longer and prevents dirt from resurfacing, which makes maintenance easier and in less time.

Eco cleaning products: use eco-benign® technology & no chemicals to keep your customers happy

If you’re ready for improved cleanliness in your hotel, Evogen Professional’s wholesale eco-benign® eco cleaning products are the natural next step.

We understand it can be a big leap to re-tool your housekeeping teams caddies. That’s why we’ve developed our starter pack, for you to sample a wide range of our Evogen Professional range for only £26.99.

Our complete kit costs £26.99 and includes:
  • General Purpose Biocleaner (750ml trigger spray)
  • Odour Neutraliser (750ml trigger spray)
  • Carpet & Upholstery Spot & Stain Remover (750ml trigger spray)
  • Descale & Clean (500ml bottle)
  • Toilet & Urinal Cleaner (1L bottle)

Plus, enjoy free P&P on all orders!

Buy Evogen Professional Starter Kit

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