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Evogen Professional - washroom cleaning products


For the toughest soiling areas, our Evogen Professional range includes application-specific products that provide long-lasting cleaning, prevent foul odours and scale build-up, leaving washrooms clean and fragrant.

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Evogen Professional - exterior cleaning products


Facades, exterior walls, paving slabs, concrete floors - our exterior cleaning products provide an instant clean and continue to prevent engrained soiling long after application.

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Evogen Professional - Interior Cleaning


Our products cover the full range of soft furnishings and hard surfaces found in interiors like offices, retail establishments, hotel and leisure facilities, stations, airports, and other commercial spaces.

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Evogen Professional - kitchen cleaning products


Kitchen drains, grease traps - our products work throughout commercial kitchens and food service establishments to specifically target and degrade all types of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG), reducing odours and maintaining free flowing drains.

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Evogen Professional - our story

Our story

Evogen Professional is the complete cleaning range for the facilities management industry.

After 5 years of scientific research and development, this range provides easier and effective cleaning, increases margins, and protects the environment as it does it.

Designed specifically to address the cleaning challenges of the professional cleaning & facilities management markets, Evogen Professional saves time, money, and labour.

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Genesis Biosciences is fully committed to creating and developing the most environmentally-responsible products available globally. Allow us to introduce you to eco-benign®.

The unique, eco-benign® chemistry present in Evogen Professional products is not only safe and environmentally-responsible, it actually enhances product efficacy and provides a more stable environment for the bacteria. Not only that, but all Evogen packaging is recycled and recyclable.

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Evogen Professional - eco-benign by design
Evogen Professional ROI

Return on investment

Genesis Biosciences’ technologies are proven to generate a return on investment for its Facilities Management customers.

Evogen Professional products require less human and mechanical labour over time, and its technology helps to maintain infrastructure by causing less wear and tear. Together, these create significant cost savings. Our technologies have been proven to deliver these results.

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